Posted by: goalpath | July 21, 2009

What is a Boomer?

Of course, being the CEO of Boomer Opinion, my answer to this question is quite simple. A Boomer is a person born between the years of 1946 and 1964. That is the definition of a Baby Boomer.

However, since I refer to Baby Boomers as Boomers, I have gotten some strange responses from people when I tell them that my partners and I have developed a web community that caters to Boomers. One of my linkedin connections looked up Boomer in the dictionary and discovered that a Boomer could be: A nuclear submarine armed with ballistic missiles. A Boomer could be transient worker, especially one that works on bridge construction.

Or a Boomer could be a large fully grown male kangaroo. I don’t believe we have any submarines, transient construction workers or male kangaroos in our membership. More than one of my colleagues ignored myI invitation to join Boomer Opinion because he thought the site was targeting alumni and fans of Oklahoma University…since they are referred to as Boomer Sooners. During the Oklahoma land Boom, the Sooners got their name by racing to their selected land grant locations sooner than the other participants during the free land giveaway. They actually violated the rules by leaving early and got the most select areas available. Being a University of Texas alumni, I can understand why any other self respecting Longhorn would not want to be associated with an OU web site.

In reality, Boomers, are the largest, most powerful generation group in America. Boomers represent one out of every three adults in America, and control 70% of the wealth in this country. Boomers annually spend $400 billion more than any other generation group on consumer products and services. Marketing and Advertising groups are just now beginning to recognize the financial power of the Baby Boomers. In the past, their favored demographic was the 18 to 49 year olds.

One of the primary reasons we founded Boomer Opinion was to get Baby Boomers to re-engage in social and political dialogue and have a positive impact on policy making at the local, state and federal levels. Baby Boomers have risen to the occasion in the past fighting for social and political change. Think about causes like women’s rights, minority rights, and social equality.

I believe it is time once again for Boomers to mobilize and get involved. “The next ten years are going to be very defining for America,” said David Gergen, former White House adviser and Professor of Public Service at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, “The big question about the Baby Boomer Generation is, is it going to grow up in time and get serious about facing up to the challenges that are going to be here for our children and grandchildren, or are we going to slide by and leave them with a really big mess.”

It is up to you. Are you ready to get back in the game, or will you sit on the sidelines. is here for you. Why not re-engage and voice your opinion on the most pressing issues facing America.


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