Posted by: goalpath | May 21, 2009

My Cat Sammy Hates American Idol

Last night, at the pivotal moment of American idol when Ryan Seacrest announced the winner, my cat Sammy indicated his displeasure with the outcome.

My wife is a major fan of American Idol. I must admit, the season finale was really quite good. Most awards shows don’t have as many big stars performing, particularly performing their biggest hits. Santana did Black Magic Woman, Lionel Ritchie did All Night Long, and others like Cyndi Lauper, Keith Urban, Kiss and Queen all did their biggest hit songs. It was definitely a night to remember.

The bikini girl performed and not to be outdone, Kara Dio Guardi the new judge on the show, joined the bikini girl on stage and stripped down to her own black bikini. I was impressed, but not Sammy the cat. And who could forget Rod Stewart stumbling through Don’t You Think I Sexy? But, I digress.

Back to Sammy. Sammy was born in Oklahoma about 14 years ago. He got to Texas as soon as he could. So we won’t hold the fact that he is an Okie from Muskogee against him. He was the runt of the litter, but to see him today you would never suspect that to have been the case. Sammy has that Garfield look except he is not a tabby cat. Sammy is grey and white, part Siamese and part who knows what.

Sammy is so big that when I took him to the vet for his annual checkup last year, my Vet, Dr. Simmons, had his receptionist bring in all of the clinic’s staff to witness Sammy’s girth. Hey guys, you won’t believe how fat this cat really is!  Come on down. At that time Sammy weighed about 24 pounds. 

Okay, well, we promptly put Sammy on a diet and he is down to sixteen pounds now. He is getting senile and can’t always  control his bodily functions. One of his best tricks is to go to the cat box, when he can remember where it is located, and stand inside the box while he pees on the floor just in front of the box. Go Sammy! I am all too familiar with Sammy’s routines since I am in charge of cat box patrol.

So last night just as Ryan was revealing the winner to be Chris Allen, Sammy walked over by the television and relieved himself. It just seems like everyone is a critic these days, even my cat Sammy. Actually, he is really my wife’s cat. I just feed him and clean up his messes.


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