Posted by: goalpath | May 18, 2009

Proof that Baby Boomers Aren’t Old

83% of  Baby Boomers strongly expressed that they would like to look younger than their age. According to an American Laser Centers survey, when is comes to looking old, Baby Boomers believe they look younger than their actual age. Quick, alert the media!
At least 62% stated they are sure that they do look younger. More women than men said they look younger than their actual age. Whoa…I didn’t see that coming. About one third of the survey respondents believe they look at least 10 years younger. According to the book, Boomer Consumer, on average boomers feel some 14 years younger than they actually are. Bottom line – Boomers don’t feel nearly as old as they are and they believe that they look much younger than they are.

So how do the Boomers do it? First of all, you have to believe in your own mind that you look younger. 66% of the survey respondents of the American Laser Centers study cited a healthier self image. All those miles on the treadmill and circuit training must be paying off. Don’t forget mall walking. Can you think of a better place to workout than at the Mall? Gyms don’t have shoe stores or ice cream vendors, right? Admittedly, more and more Boomers are getting out on their bikes, putting in the miles or hitting the walking and hiking trails.

Of course, as we get older our taste in fashion and grooming becomes considerably more sophisticated. Yes, those pants suits and jump suits are definitely the current rage in Paris and Milan. Lots of models wear workout pants, right? 50% of the sample said they were definitely more stylish. I suspect the younger, more hip generations might dispute that point.
Given America’s preoccupation with diet and nutrition, 28% of the group cited weight loss as a contributing factor. I wonder about all those folks that are classified as obese and where they fit into the study. They probably weren’t looking for a cosmetic procedure and didn’t get to participate in the Laser Centers research study.

There is a more rational explanation as to why Boomers believe they look younger and more stylish. The real truth in this matter is that 46% of the respondents said they care less about what people think than they did earlier in their lives. Finally, the truth emerges. It’s certainly easier to believe you look younger if you don’t care what others think about your appearance. Don’t forget, we are legends in our own minds.

Okay, I think there is a point to be made here. American Laser Centers certainly want you Baby Boomers out there to feel compelled to look younger than you are since that is their business. A nip here, a tuck there, a little unwanted hair removal and voila…You look like you just stepped out of your wedding album.

For those of you who are more concerned about your health and fitness, I applaud your efforts at staying young. I work out, I hike, I ride my mountain bike and play golf. Yeah, I know most of you don’t believe golf is much exercise, but if you spent your time navigating the forests, ponds, cactus groves and rock formations like me, you might think otherwise.

Do I think I look younger? Whenever I look in the mirror I routinely jump back and exclaim, “Who is that old guy and how did he get in my mirror?” Yet when I am out on my mountain bike flying over a jump or traversing a difficult section, I brag to those young people I meet on the trail. I tell them just how old I really am and how they will be lucky to still be engaging in such dangerous activities when they are my age. If I can just get some new titanium, carbon fiber knee and wrist joints, I can do this until I am ninety.

If you are a Baby Boomer and haven’t joined, please take a minute to sign up and join. You can weigh in on all the most pressing issues facing Boomers and America. You can even blog about how young you think you look and feel. Thanks for your support…Mac


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