Posted by: goalpath | April 23, 2009

Is Technology Ruining our Children?

I am worried about generations of children who have grown up and are growing up with access to all these high tech gadgets and how these tools will render them unable to fully cope with society. Between instant messaging on their laptops, texting over their cell phones, and populating their Facebook pages with all sorts of photos and intimate data about themselves, will they really be prepared to function in society?

I’m worried that after all this texting and instant messaging, their vocabulary will consist mainly of acronyms and abbreviations like omg (oh my God), adip (another day in paradise), my personal favorite dhac (don’t have a clue), paw (parent in the room or parent is watching), bfffl (best friend for life), dndc (don’t know, don’t care), etc. I am not convinced that they will be able to complete a sentence? If they use Twitter too much, the sentence can’t be over 140 characters in length so they won’t be able to expound on any subject in detail. At least if they have a good word processor, they will be able to run spell check and grammar check to eliminate most of the mistakes in their compositions.

What about communication and socialization skills? I am thinking in a few years everyone will stand around in the same room with their communicators (PDAs or cell phones) oohing and aahing while they text each other, instead of carrying on a real face to face conversation. Put down your communicator and talk to me Bonzo! Social interaction could become a lost art and a thing of the past.

I’m reminded of a passage from the book, The Image. The book points to a scenario where a woman walks up to a mother pushing a stroller and compliments her on the beauty of her baby girl. The mother looks seriously at the woman and tells her that if she thinks her baby is pretty, she should see the baby’s photographs, implying the baby is cuter in pictures than in real life. Of course, now days, the mother will just direct the first woman to the baby’s Facebook page.  It’s all about the image and in the future projecting that image will be accomplished electronically. By the same token, one girl might tell her friend that she thinks her new boyfriend is hot, and the girl’s response would be, “you should check out his wall on Facebook”.

Speaking of Facebook, some of these kids are putting all types of information, photos and videos of themselves and their friends that they will certainly regret when they enter society and start looking for a job. And don’t get me started on the subject of sexting lude photos to their friends and cohorts.

Of course, without a computer or calculator these kids won’t be able to do simple math. They have had access to these devices since they were in pre-k so we shouldn’t expect them to calculate a tip or do a budget without some form of electronic help. How will they determine if they have enough money to pay a bill or for some items at the checkout counter, if they can’t sum it up in their heads? They will be helpless. Oh not to worry, the latest iPhone commercial will reassure them that indeed, there is an app for that.

I guess I am just an old foggie and I’m not hip to what’s really going on. Although, I must say that I spent 30 years in high tech, working for both hardware and software companies, so I am no luddite – that’s a non technical person for those of you from out of town. I just miss some of the old ways of doing things and the value of education in its most traditional sense.

Having said that, I probably shouldn’t mention that I am a founding partner and the CEO of, “The Boomer’s Voice in America”. Well, if you can’t beat them, you will just have to jump on that high tech wagon, log in and go along for the ride. Yee-haaa! 

Speaking of Boomer Insight, if you are reading my blog and haven’t yet joined, please take a minute to sign up. In order for Boomers’ voices and opinions to be heard across this country, you need to join us and become a member of Boomer Insight. Once you have joined, you can participate in our polls and discussions on the important issues facing America today. And…you can join in less than one minute. All we ask for is a screen name, your gender, zip code, birthdate and password. And it’s free. I know you would like to weigh in on the issues, so please engage. Thanks for your support.



  1. I know what you mean, me being a teenager some of my friends in school when they write a formal paper they will put “u” instead of “you”.

  2. check this out…

    this is mine…

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