Posted by: goalpath | April 6, 2009

Baby Boomers, Harleys and Lingerie

I happened upon an article on the website written by Nick Massey discussing Harley Davidson motorcycles, lingerie, Baby Boomers, their progeny – Echo Boomers – and market demographics. I was amazed that the writer was able to talk about Harley motorcycles and lingerie in an investment column. The point of the column was that the American motorcycle manufacturer’s target market, Baby Boomer men between 45 and 55, would be diminishing significantly in the next few years and would put the company’s future at risk. He concluded that younger motorcycle buyers wouldn’t or couldn’t pony up the $20,000 for a well equipped hog.

By the same token, the children of Baby Boomers, Echo Boomers (mainly Gen Xers) would most likely increase sales for the purveyors of lingerie like Victoria’s Secret, Provocateur, Ann Summers and other lingerie retailers. Following in their parents footsteps, Echo Boomers would be entering into courtship, marriage, children, divorce, new courtship, second marriage, and maybe second divorce. He believes that should keep the Echo Boomers buying more and more lingerie. What a jaded view of American life. I can’t say that his assumptions are incorrect, but what does it say about American society?

The final question is: Just because a lot of Boomers will be hitting their sixties in the next few years, why would that keep them from continuing to buy Harley Davidson motorcycles? And by the same token, who says they aren’t still buying lingerie? A reader of the blog I wrote titled, Baby Boomers Don’t Think they are Old, chimed in and said, “No, I think baby boomers think they are ageless. Even though the number is getting higher they still think young and act young. Most are doing everything they can to stay fit and look younger. The gym has never been so crowded and the plastic surgeons have never been busier. We have so much to help us stay younger. Personally I think age is in you head, and of course how you feel.”

Mac’s blog can be read at under MacM’s blog and at under Mac@Boomer Insight.


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