Posted by: goalpath | March 16, 2009

Can the US avoid bankruptcy without becomming a socialist country?

Welcome to socialism! Bailouts here, recovery plans there, not to mention national healthcare. I hear this mantra from a number of my more conservative friends, but I am not buying into it for one minute. Our free enterprise/free market system has sustained some serious injuries, but I don’t believe for a minute that we can’t fix our economic system and restore America back to its position as the leader of the free world. I personally believe national healthcare will inable our major corporations to become more competitive in world markets. Its impact on reducing the cost of producing our goods and services will far outweigh the cost to taxpayers.
Bailouts and recovery plans are only part of the solution. Redirecting our economy is the other half of the equation. America has led the world technologically for sometime. Our ability to innovate in every business sector is well known. The problems we face today have more to do with taking our technological developments and handing them over to foriegn partners to do the final prototyping and manufacturing. Thinking we can be the overseers of world production and keep all the proceeds here in the U.S is and has always been a flawed concept. Our corporate leaders have looked so closely at the bottom line, they have missed the detrimental effects of turning over our production to other nations. Think about what it has done to our balance of trade. Our intellectual property has been wholesaled to the countries with the lowest cost manufacturers. It has put so many Americans out of work that we can no longer sustain our own economy. Add to that the Wall Street Greed mongers who have bastardized stock values gambling America’s wealth on bad investments. But, that’s only one part of the problem.
The second part of our woes have to do with forward thinking or the lack thereof. What are the industries of the future? I believe they will all have something to do with sustainability and energy independence. Whether it is designing alternative energy vehicles or entire transportation systems, we have the engineering and manufacturing capacities to take on these new industries. After all, who invented integrated circuits and perfected the design and manufacture of computer chips? Who lead the race into space? Solutions to global warming and gaining energy independence will be big business in the coming years. Building electrical grids that can manage diverse alternative energy sources will be big business. Rebuilding our infrastructure should take this into account and the government should provide incentives and tax relief for these twenty first century enterprises that revolutionize these industries. Redirecting the thrust of our technologies in directions that will benefit our country and our planet will help define our new economy. But it won’t happen unless there is a groundswell of support for such social, corporate and political innovation.
The Baby Boomer generation represents one out of every three adults in America, controls 70% of the wealth in this country, and represents the majority of America’s business and government leaders. They need to step up and help America secure its future in the coming years. The rest of us need to see to it that these leaders don’t continue down the same old path. If they can’t take us in a direction that will secure our future, then let them know the next time you go to polls to vote. A lot of people place the blame squarely on the Boomer generation. It’s up to us to to remove that stigma by seeing to it that the leaders we vote into power do the right things.


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